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of cardboard parking discs

We are a family owned business from Black Forest (Germany) and specialized on promotional products made from recycled card board.

We have put together a small selection of models for the Netherlands here.

Picture shows different parking discs models for the Netherlands. Standard format (110 x 150 mm) is used all over Europe. Our mini parking disc (55 x 85 mm) has the size of a business card and can be used as a business card. Parking with one side and contact data on other side (dual use).

Beside this legal situation in the Netherlands allows also shapes like circles, hearts or even parking discs which replicate a company logo.
So we can offer a wide variety of solutions especially for the Netherlands.

>> Please click models below and get more information about them. <<

Parking dics

Parking dics heart-shaped

Parking dics for electric vehicles

Parking dics with emergency numbers

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